Traditional Qipao Workshop • Phase 27 10/7/2024

*Suitable for any beginner

* Courses are taught in Cantonese

*10% off, for two people

There are fewer teachers who understand traditional handcrafted qipao techniques. Do you want to inherit this traditional Chinese craft? Do you want to make a tailor-made qipao for yourself or your loved ones? Do you want to know more about traditional qipao culture?

Instructor Ms. Wong, a senior traditional Shanghai craft qipao master, has been teaching courses in Hong Kong since 2O13, teaching traditional techniques of qipao, including cheongsam and all Chinese clothing for men and women.

In addition to new beginners, students with experience can choose different styles of Chinese clothing, such as the different styles of qipao, Chinese top, men’s Chinese short jacket or cheongsam.


Course content:

• Introduction of a traditional qipao

• Fabric selection

• Body measurement

• Traditional paste making

• Scraping paste method

• Cutting techniques

• Qipao making skills

• Sewing skills

• A finished qipao


-Start dates: 10/7/2024 – 28/8/2024

-Every Wednesday 11:00am – 1:30pm

-8 lessons, 2.5 hours each, 20 hours in total

-Quota: 8

-Tuition fee: $3,900 (10% off, for two people)

-Address: Room A2, 9th Floor, Ka Wing Factory Building, 19-21 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong (near Diamond Hill MTR Station Exit A2, about 5 minutes on foot)

-Phone: 5200 4328


* Suitable for any beginner

* Courses are taught in Cantonese

* The studio provides basic equipment and tools

* Participants need to bring their own: fabric, lining, stitches, paste, nylon collar fusing. The tutor will suggest the place of purchasing materials.

* Absent class, non-refundable

* Participants who have no sewing experience at all and sign up for this workshop can enjoy the discounted price to participate in the optional course: 2 hours sewing preparation class, included using sewing machine, sewing and hand stitching techniques in $350/person