Fashion Illustration Workshop• Phase 14 18/5/2024

* Suitable for any beginner Age 12+

* Courses are taught in Cantonese

* 10% off, for two people

Fashion illustration is the basic skill of design, an important process from concept creation to expression to producers

Students can continue to study fashion design and professional portfolio for interview
Course content:

Use simple shapes to organize the body structure, deconstruct poses and swing, and understand the nine head-to-body ratios of fashion illustrations

Learn the thick and thin lines, strength skills, express the fashion details, and create a three-dimensional effect

Students can refer to their favorite brand clothes or their own cdesign to start painting and learn how to use colors

Introduction to fabrics, learn to use color to create texture, students can choose to frame their works ——————————————————————————

-Start dates: 18/5/2024 & 25/5/2024 & 1/6/2024 & 8/6/2024

-Every Saturday afternoon: 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

-4 lessons, 2 hours each, 8 hours in total

-Quota: 8

-Tuition fee: $ 1,680 ( 10% off, for two people )

-Address: Room A2, 9th Floor, Ka Wing Factory Building, 19-21 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong (near Diamond Hill subway station Exit A2, about 5 minutes on foot)

-Phone / Whatapp: 5200 4328


|Senior instructor Blanche Tring|

|Graduated from Polytechnic University and Parsons School of Design in New York|

Engaged in the fashion design industry for more than 20 years, fascinated by hand drawing, focusing on learning from the process, and 15 years of experience in teaching fashion illustration and design.


* Suitable for any beginner

* Courses are taught in Cantonese

* If you are absent from the class, we can arrange a one-on-one private class to catch up what you missed (Extra Charge)