Elementary French draping workshop • Phase 28

*Suitable for any beginner

* Courses are taught in Cantonese

*10% off, for two people

| Senior instructor William Law |

| First Honor graduated from Paris IFA Fashion Academy |

During the school period, he has obtained the top three results in many international and well-known French fashion competitions and has been invited to work by well-known brands before graduation. William Law has more than ten years of experience, including fashion photography, graphic, image design, makeup and personalized guidance and planning.


Three-dimensional draping is a classic cutting method. It is not only one of the techniques of clothing structure design, but also a means of design modelling. With the help of three-dimensional draping, the design inspiration is transformed into concrete and beautiful fashion styling. Choose sample fabrics with similar fabric characteristics, and directly drape on the human body or mannequin for modelling, through splitting, folding, gather, stretching and other technical methods to make a pre-conceived clothing shape.


Course content:

Lesson 1: Three-dimensional draping theory, body measurement and drawing technique

Lesson 2: Skirt draping

Lesson 3: Styling with different techniques

Lesson 4: Upper Body draping

Lesson 5: Upper Body draping

Lesson 6: Study on the style of your choice

Lesson 7: 3D to 2D pattern cutting


-Start dates: 25/4/2023– 6/6/2023

-Every Tuesday evening 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

-7 lessons in total, 2.5 hours each, 17.5 hours in total

-Quota: 8

-Tuition fee: $ 3,200 ( 10% off, for two people)

-Address: Room A2, 9th Floor, Ka Wing Factory Building, 19-21 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong (near Diamond Hill MTR station Exit A2, about 5 minutes on foot)

-Phone: 5200 4328


* Suitable for any beginner

* Courses are taught in Cantonese

* The studio provides the necessary equipment, tools and fabric

* If you are absent from the class, non-refundable, we can arrange a one-on-one private class to catch up what you missed (Extra Charge)

* Students who have experience or have participated in this workshop. Welcome to apply for a one-on-one advanced course with our tutor!