Doggie kimono pattern making & sewing workshop • Phase 16

* Suitable for any beginner

* Courses are taught in Cantonese

*10% off, for two people

To learn how to use the sewing machine and sewing skills, you can easily make unique clothing and fabric accessories for your beloved doggies!

In this 6 lessons of the workshop, students will learn the body measurement for doggie, pattern making, fabric cutting, using the sewing machine and sewing skills and complete a finished doggie kimono jacket. This workshop has included a variety of printed fabrics for selection, and students are welcome to bring their own fabrics.


Course content:

Lesson 1: Using the sewing machine and techniques, doggie body measurement

Lesson 2: Pattern Making

Lesson 3: Pattern Making

Lesson 4: Fabric cutting and sewing doggie kimono jacket

Lesson 5: Sewing doggie Kimono Jacket

Lesson 6: Finish the doggie kimono jacket


-Start dates: 13/11/2022 – 18/12/2022

-6 lessons in total, 3 hours each, 18 hours in total

-Quota: 8

-Tuition fee: $2,880 (10% off, for two people) (including fabrics and tools)

-Address: Room A2, 9th Floor, Ka Wing Factory Building, 19-21 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong (near Diamond Hill MTR station Exit A2, about 5 minutes on foot)


Instructor Profile:

Senior instructor Li Jianying has more than 40 years of experience in high-fashion pattern making and sewing, as well as concert costumes for artists from time to time. She is also a dog lover. After she retired, she founded her own studio. She devotes herself to developing different types of doggie clothing and accessories. She hopes to find like-minded people to teach the craftsmanship.


* Suitable for any beginner

* Courses are taught in Cantonese

* The studio provides the necessary equipment, tools and fabric

* If you are absent from the class, we can arrange a one-on-one private class to catch up what you missed (Extra Charge)